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All-New E18 Vertical Lift Series

From the leader in access comes a vertical lift series unlike any other in the industry. With models for indoor or outdoor construction applications and general indoor-only maintenance, each machine weighs less than 2,000-lbs, comes with familiar controls and delivers what no competitor can offer: the durability, maneuverability, serviceability and productivity of the brand you know and trust.


E18MCL Features

When it comes to indoor or outdoor construction applications, one close look at the E18MCL makes it clear not all vertical lifts are the same.


E18MML Features

See for yourself why the E18MML makes general indoor-only maintenance smarter, easier and more efficient than the competition.


Go In-Depth

From steering capabilities to wheels and tires, to ideal machine weight and more, the E18 vertical lift series is thoroughly unveiled by a JLG product manager in this walkaround video.

Tech Yeah

The E18 vertical lift series is stacked with standard technology, including a Load Sensing System, Manual Descent, Dynamic Braking and many others. You can also take your machine to the next level by adding these or other optional features.

Rise & Accessorize

As with all JLG equipment, you can customize your E18 vertical lift exactly how you like it and your job site needs it. Would you have it any other way?

No Bolt Unturned

Specifications for each model tell you everything else you’ll want to know about this all-new lineup.

Indoor or Outdoor
E18MCL Indoor and Outdoor
E18MML Indoor Only
Steer System
E18MCL Scissor
E18MML Point & Go®
Platform Height (Elevated)
E18MCL 18-ft / 5.5-m (Indoor) and 13-ft / 4-m (Outdoor)
E18MML 18-ft / 5.5-m
Working Height
E18MCL 24-ft / 7.5-m (Indoor) and 19-ft / 6-m (Outdoor)
E18MML 24-ft / 7.5-m
Platform Capacity
E18MCL 400-lb / 181-kg
E18MML 400-lb / 181-kg
E18MCL 1,950-lb / 885-kg
E18MML 1,950-lb / 885-kg
Work Tray Capacity
E18MCL -
E18MML 100-lb / 45-kg
Number of Occupants
E18MCL 1
E18MML 1
Lift / Lower Time
E18MCL 23/23 seconds
E18MML 23/23 seconds
Maximum Drive Height
E18MCL Fully Elevated (Indoor) and 13-ft / 4-m (Outdoor)
E18MML Fully Elevated
Maximum Wind Speed Rating
E18MCL 28 mph / 12.5 m/s (Indoor) and 28 mph / 12.5 m/s (Outdoor)
E18MML 0 mph / 0 m/s
Platform Extension Capacity
E18MCL 250-lb / 131-kg
E18MML -
Drive Speed (Elevated)
E18MCL 0.5 mph / .8 km/h
E18MML 0.5 mph / .8 km/h
Drive Speed (Lowered)
E18MCL 2.5 mph / 4 km/h
E18MML 2.5 mph / 4 km/h
E18MCL 30%
E18MML 30%
Turning Radius (Indoor)
E18MCL Zero
E18MML Zero
E18MCL Four 6V - 220 AH (2X More Duty Cycles Over Competition)
E18MML Four 6V - 220 AH (2X More Duty Cycles Over Competition)
E18MCL 27 amp
E18MML 27 amp
E18MCL 4 Brush Direct Electric Drive (Planetary Gear)
E18MML 4 Brush Direct Electric Drive (Planetary Gear)
Lift System
E18MCL Hydraulic
E18MML Hydraulic
Tires (Front/Rear)
E18MCL 8-in / 10 x 3-in Non—Marking
E18MML 8-in Casters / 10 x 3-in Non—Marking
E18MCL Electric
E18MML Electric

The Lift Lowdown

Get your own comprehensive E18 brochure packed with photos and additional information. There are also single product sheets for a more high-level overview.

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